Carrie Writes
Shining light on disabilities to help and inspire people
Welcome to Carrie Writes

I am an individual with multiple disabilities: cerebral palsy, hearing loss and I am also legally blind.

As a result of these disabilities and the experiences I’ve encountered, I developed a strong passion for disability rights and advocating for the disabled.

I graduated with a BSW from Madonna University in 1996. Having always been interested in writing since childhood, I began writing columns online in 2000 on topics affecting the disabled community.

I was married in 2005 after meeting my husband online in a chat room for people with hearing loss. When I moved to Massachusetts, the Springfield Republican began publishing my column, Carrie Writes, every Wednesday in the Metro Plus section.

It is my hope that as a result of my columns, people will be more aware of disability issues and I will have a positive impact on the disabled community.

In 2013, I became a a Lakishmi Voelker chair yoga teacher. With chair yoga, my hope is to bring the joy of yoga to people with disabilities like myself.